OSSC Case (Imperfect Prints)

OSSC Case (Imperfect Prints)

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With minor imperfections which can include some of the following issues:

Incomplete print surface (small gaps, or missing areas in the top surface)

Slight Warping on the top surface.

Color issues including flakes of incorrect colors in the top layer. 

Filament strings in the top surface. 

These issues will not impact the function of the mount 

Color will be random based on inventory.
This case fully encloses the OSSC. It vents hot air through the logo at the top of the shell and pulls fresh air in through the bottom using heat convection.

All features of the OSSC are available to the user, The JTAG has a removable cover, and the audio port selector has a removable lever actuator that can be used if needed.

This case includes the following:
2 Piece Shell
JTAG Cover
Audio Selector Lever
4 M3x25mm Screws
4 Rubber Feet