Bearitron a Convertible 13.3" PVM Style Monitor

Bearitron a Convertible 13.3" PVM Style Monitor

I have been thinking about how to make something truly unique for a modern take on a Sony PVM. 

Recently I discovered a new AMOLED panel with our favorite 2048x1536 resolution that has a really special feature, its flexible and did I mention its 13.3 inches across. 

So what can we do with a large flexible screen? Why not make a monitor that allows you to set the screen into the iconic barrel shape of the Sony Trinitron?

This design will incorporate a mechanism that allows the monitor to transition from a completely flat panel to the iconic barrel shape of the Trinitron. We are dubbing this the Bearitron mechanism. 

Now just how much bigger is this when compared to the iPad monitors we already sell?

While today this is completely an April Fools day post, this is actually a possible I was able to find a 13.3" flexible AMOLED display and a compatible driver board. The only real problem is that this particular LCD is far too expensive for this project to be viable. Maybe one day this engineer's dreams will be possible and we will have an amazing monitor that can do stuff that no other monitors could ever hope to achieve. 

Its all in good fun today and everyone can enjoy a discount on orders with code APRILSFOOLS

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