GameCube LCD Jewel Roadmap

GameCube LCD Jewel Roadmap

First up what is the LCD Jewel and what will it do?

The LCD Jewel is a new upgrade for the GameCube video game console that replaces the removable jewel in the top of the DOL-001 versions of the console with a round LCD screen.

The LCD will be configurable with the user's own images and video files. There is a SD card slot that is used to store the user's images. This allows for a boot image or video to be displayed. When used in conjunction with Swiss for GameCube the LCD will be able to load game art the user has stored on the SD card. There will also be a third mode where a folder called slideshow on the SD card will be used to load images onto the screen in user selectable intervals.

The Jewel will have access to firmware updates via its embedded Wi-Fi module, but may also be updated via loading the firmware file to the SD card.

We are planning more features for the Jewel as time goes on, but will not hype those features before a release is nearly ready. 

Roadmap for production:

Hardware Development: This stage is nearing competition as the final hardware bugs are getting worked out and we are nearing compliance testing. 

Once hardware is finalized we will begin Alpha testing, the firmware will receive constant updates with the goal to find bugs and get things ready for production.

FCC Certification, due to the use of Wi-Fi with a wireless module that does not come pre-certified we are obligated in the United States to receive FCC Certification. This process can take up to 6 weeks. (This will be happening at the same time as the Alpha tests)

Upon FCC Certification we will begin a pre-order window of 1 month for batch 1. Production will begin after batch 1 order window concludes with an open pre-order for batch 1.5-2 (We will order more units than needed in batch 1 to meet extra orders)

Production involves the following timelines:
PCB Production 25-30 working days followed by shipping of 2 weeks
LCD Leadtime of LCD if stock is not available in quantity: 4-6weeks (currently 500pcs at factory factory willing to produce more when ordered)
Injection Mold: Unknown at this time
Accessories: FFC, Jumpers, Die Cut Tape, Custom Boxes (slow shipping via sea freight takes roughly 70 days)

The final step of production will be product assembly, firmware programming, packing and shipping to the customers. 


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