RetroTINK 4k DB15 to S-Video and CVBS Adapter

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This handy adapter allows you to connect a S-Video or Composite Video Source to the DB-15(VGA) port on the back of the RetroTINK 4k.

The RetroTINK 4k has dedicated Composite and S-Video ports on the front of the unit, but you may wish to route all of your cables to the back of the scaler rather than have some come out the front. That's where this little device come in handy.

 This can also be used for S-Video output from a MiSTer analog board's DB-15 port. When using the Y/C cores that support S-Video.

For audio you can get a 3.5mm to RCA cable from amazon or other e commerce sites for cheap.

Installing the adapter can be a bit tricky, to keep it small there are thumb wheels for the attachment screws. When installing they need to be secured at the same rate so as to not cross thread the screws.