CRT Style 9.7" LCD Case (Imperfect Prints)

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9.7" LCD Monitor Shell

With minor imperfections which can include some of the following issues:

Incomplete print surface (small gaps, or missing areas in the top surface)

Slight Warping on the top surface.

Color issues including flakes of incorrect colors in the top layer. 

Filament strings in the top surface. 

These issues will not impact the function of the mount 

Color will be random based on current inventory.

This product is in production and should ship quickly. There is no limit to orders.
Other versions of this case will become available in the future.

These are shells for the "iPad" LCD to turn them into usable portable monitors.

The Slim Version is the most like a tablet, the input ports will be reachable on the sides of the case and you can use a pen to stand it up, alternately you can use any tablet stand to hold it up.
The VESA Mountable option moves the ports to a part that sticks out the back of the case allowing the cables to be more hidden on the back, this version is more like a traditional monitor.

The CRT Version is oversized to imitate the look of a CRT.
Install Instructions here:

You will need to source a iPad Air 3/4 LCD and driver board, Currently the only supported driver board for the case is found at the following links, these can be found elsewhere if you look around, the prices fluctuate so if there is a listing that has the same images and is cheaper its most likely the same one most sellers source from the same manufacturer.

Driver and screen

Driver board only

Speaker for advanced installs
or any speaker 16mm x 36mm in size or smaller. They should be be 4ohm 3w or 8ohm 1.5w max

Power Supply

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