Dreamcast USBGDRom Mount

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Dreamcast USBGDRom Mount Kit

This is a custom mount for the Dreamcast for installing the USBGDROM mod board without having to disassemble the original dreamcast disk drive. You do not get a USBGDROM board those can only be purchased from the creator of that product.
This mount features mounting holes for a 2.5" hard drive so that you can install an internal drive for games. To use this feature you will need a Sabrent usb adapter like this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/143179189623 it is not included in the order and must be purchased separately. Your 2.5" hard drive also has to be a slim drive of 7mm any other thickness will not fit at all. This order will include the following things: 1 3D printed mount for the USBGDROM 1 3D printed insert to provide a enclosed area around the USB port 6 M3x5mm Screws used to attach the USBGDROM board and a Hard Drive to the mount,