Flawed GCompSW 4.1 Bumper

Style: 4.1 Bumper Flawed
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Flawed 4.1 bumper will come in a random color and with the brackets.

This case allows you to use the original plexiglass panels from the GCompSW Case to fully enclose the switch and protect it.

Installation is simple,
Remove all the screws and spacers from your switch
Set aside your plexi panels
Press 6 of the hex spacers into the holes on the bumper case
Install the switch by putting the USB port into the hole and lever in the rest of the way
Screw the two remaining hex spacers into the center holes on the plexy top
Install the plexy top on and screw the remaining 6 screws into the top.
Flip the case over.
I insert the 8 bottom screws into the Plexy bottom and put a piece of cardboard under it to keep them in place.
put the small spacers on the screws and set the case on top of the plexy panel
Flip everything over and tighten the screws.