GameCube and N64 Multiout to Wii Component Multiout adapter

Assembly: Fully Assembled
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This handy adapter allows the use of Wii component cables on modded consoles. This will not work on stock systems. 

Currently known supported mods:

  • GCDual (internal GCVideo mod created by Citrus3000psi)
  • N64 Digital (Pixel Fx)
  • N64 Advanced (Borti)

We are offering this adapter either assembled or in a kit to build it yourself.

The Fully Assembled option will be for a ready to use adapter right out of the box.

The Kit option allows for you to build your own adapter.
It comes with the following

  • Multiout connector
  • Wii adapter board
  • 3D Printed Shell
  • Screw and Nut for assembly

It pairs excellently with HD Retrovision Wii component cables, but will work with any Wii component cables. 

Will begin Shipping second round Late September 2022.  All other products ordered will be held and shipped together with pre-order.