GDEMU Remote SD card Mount Kit (Imperfect Print)

GDEMU Remote SD card Mount Kit (Imperfect Print)

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GDEMU Remote SD card Mount Kit

With minor imperfections which can include some of the following issues:

Incomplete print surface (small gaps, or missing areas in the top surface)

Slight Warping on the top surface.

Color issues including flakes of incorrect colors in the top layer. 

Filament strings in the top surface. 

These issues will not impact the function of the mount 

Color will be random based on inventory. 

This kit includes the following
  • 3D printed parts
  • SD Card Extension
  • All screws that are needed

You will need to supply:
  • GDEMU drive emulator
  • Dreamcast console

This kit will allow you to access the SD card in your GDEMU much more easily, and requires no modification to your Dreamcast system shell. Once assembled you will have a module just like the original disk drive that is simple to install or replace.

Imperfect or flawed: These are prints that have slight cosmetic imperfections or flaws that do not cause any functionality or usability problems. They may have slight warping near corners or bits of filament causing a cosmetic issue.