GunCon3 IR Tower Replacements

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The Namco GunCon3 controller brought light gun support to modern televisions using a set of IR Towers to mark the top of the screen and give a good idea on how big the screen is. These IR Towers are not always found when buying the controller today, and without them the controller is not able to work properly.

The GunCon3 is now supported in the MiSTer platform to play light gun games from most consoles. 

We sought to replace these missing IR Towers and make mounting to modern screens as simple as possible. Note, we can not guarantee a perfect fit on all screens, in the event that your screen will not work with the tower's main mounting system it may require some kind of adhesive to keep them in place. 

These towers come as a set of 2.

These towers have 2 USB-C ports on them, these ports allow for a USB-C to USB-C cable to sit between them powering both towers through either of the two remaining USB-C ports, or both can be plugged into USB ports for power separately. These are low enough power to be plugging into your TV if it has an open USB port.

These are available as a do it yourself kit where you solder in the components and assemble the casing, or as pre-assembled units. 

No USB Cables are included: we recommend something that can pivot 540 degrees like this for the end, or for both sides if you don't wish to pass through:

The pass through just needs to be long enough to span the two towers on your screen, and have USB-C on both sides: