MiSTer Direct Video to Component Adapter

Option: Assembled With Adapter
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The MiSTer supports a video output that allows for a simple digital to analog converter to output resolutions that can be synced by consumer CRT sets. 

Disclaimer: Not all displays will like this output, compatibility with your display is not guaranteed. 

This is Direct Video more info can be found here:

We are offering this adapter in the following variants:

Assembled With Tested Rankie Adapter

The Assembled with tested rankie adapter will come with everything you need to get going, no need to source the Rankie adapter at all

The Assembled unit will be ready to go once you attach a Rankie adapter to it. Find the link to buy below

The DIY kit is a self soldering kit that is fun to assemble, just takes a few minuets to assemble and you will be ready to go once you get the Rankie VGA adapter

Disclaimer: Currently the stock of these adapters we have tested from Amazon are compatible with Direct Video, there is no guarantee that the adapter you get from amazon will work correctly with MiSTer, its important to test the adapter for compatibility with Direct Video as soon as possible so that you can send it back to Amazon to try another one.

This adapter is is designed to mount to the Rankie 1080P Active HDTV HDMI to VGA Adapter converting a Direct Video output to component video.


To use the adapter you will need to set the following items in your MiSTer INI file, please note that once you make these changes you will not be able to use normal HDMI screens until you revert your settings back to stock


Do not disconnect the adapter from MiSTer while powered up, you may damage the adapter or MiSTer in the process.