N64 Gem and Digital No-Cut install kit

Version: N64 Digital
Translucent Yellow Gem: Black
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N64 Gem and Digital No-Cut install kit
We are now offering support for the N64 Gem by Pixel FX 

This product pairs with the N64 Digital allowing the install to be done without cutting the original console shell.
The N64 Digital is not included and must be purchased from the PixelFX team.
It consists of a riser that moves the mod board up to level the HDMI connector with the top of the bottom shell. The second part is a replacement for the N64's Multiout cover with the cutout in place for the HDMI connector.

Color options were chosen to match some of the Funtasitc line of consoles as close as possible, but may not be perfect shades or hues.

The resin print will also have the PixelFx logo as part of the cover.

The Pikachu version is only compatible with the Pikachu N64 consoles.