NeoGeo CD Clicky Pad Repair Kit

Option: Fully Post Processed
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This kit contains the parts needed to replace all of the clicky buttons in your NeoGeo CD control pad. 
The original buttons were a 9x9mm button that are no longer available for purchase, this kit replaces the top cover of the button mechanism with one that will support 6x6mm buttons that are readily available and should be easy to source down the road should the new buttons fail at some point. 

Kit contains:

1x Resin Printed Housing
4x Resin Printed Button Caps for Springs #3 for looser response
4x Omron B3F-1025 Tactile Buttons

Fully Post Processed:
All the resin parts will be ready for assembly no need for you to clean up the support structures. 

Only Cured:
Support structures are left in place and will need to be removed by you, this will require some time and a pair of flush cutters to complete the post processing.
We are offering this option to keep the prices lower. 

Assembly video


This is not compatible with the new pads for the Neo Geo Mini series of systems. It only works with the original pads. It is as of yet untested for the PS1 NeoGeo pad but could possibly work.