NES Front Loader Snap-fit Multiout

Color: Dark Grey
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NES Front Loader Snap-fit Multiout

Install demonstration

These are easy to install Snap-fit with a retention ring to keep them in place. These Multiouts are printed in an engineering grade resin called Tough 2000. This resin is extremely durable, and can withstand numerous insertions and removals over its lifetime. Tough 2000 does have the tendency to show scrapes, scuffs, and dings very easily, but this will not harm its function or durability. The print orientation will show layer lines that are vertical in the face of the multiout and this is normal.

All kits will come with:
Resin Printed Multiout
FDM Printed Retention Clip
Hard Gold Finger Multiout PCB
#2 x 1/2" screw
FDM Printed Template

Special Thanks to The Real Phoenix for the design on the Multiout PCB