Noctua Quiet Soldering Fume Extractor Duct

Version: Single Fan Duct
Color: Black
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Single Duct is now available, Dual duct still needs some refinements. 

We do a lot of soldering in the shop and sometimes have to do that work away from our dedicated soldering room. While away a portable fume extractor is something that we are always needing.

We designed this one in house with a few goals. A space for a carbon filter. And a duct with some distance from the fan to help create a flow pattern so that fumes can be extracted at the farthest distance from the device possible. The lowest sound level possible. 

With the single fan extractor we are able to pull the air from about 4" or 120mm from the work area. The dual fan version is able to pull from 

Single Fan Duct

This product contains the following:
1 Fan Duct
1 Filter Spacer/Filter cut guide
1 Carbon Filter
4 M3x30mm screws

You will need to source a fan and PSU
We recommend the Noctua NF-A12x25 5v  this fan comes with a USB adapter which can be used to power this extractor using a power bank or an USB charging brick. 
This fan is amazingly quiet and has great flow properties for the application.