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Nomad Pak MKII Is the replacement for the original Nomad 18650 Lithium Battery Pack. 
This battery pack uses a custom charge controller chip to enable USB charging while retaining a Nomad style charging jack. Please note only one charging source can be used at a time. This update also includes a charging status LED that shows when the pack is charging and when it is fully charged (Red LED for charging and Green LED for fully charged.)


LED Codes:
Solid Red: Charging
Solid Green: Fully Charged
Red Flashing 1x per second: Over Voltage on PSU or Battery Temp Warning
Red Flashing 4x per second: No Battery Detected (Make sure to use button tabbed cells)


Warning: If your Nomad System has a 5v input mod (LCD 5v mods are safe and not part of this warning) this battery pack may damage your Nomad! This pack is designed as a replacement for the original and supplies 7.2-8.4v this is equivalent to the 6 AA batteries that was intended to power this console. In a 5V system mod you change the power path by installing USB Ports or other 5v input sources that could potentially allow the battery contacts to energize the 5v rail with battery voltages that are potentially damaging to the system. As there is no way for us to account for all types of mods of this type we can not guarantee your console's safety in the event of use of this product and Laser Bear Industries is not responsible for damage that could result. 
Custom battery pack for the Sega Nomad which will hold two 18650 Lithium Ion batteries for a maximum of 3500 mAh of juice.
The Lithium Cells are not included with this pack you will need to source them. They need to have a tab and on cell protection is highly recommended.
18650 cells will max out at 3800mAh if you find one that says anything higher than that number it is fake and will not come close to that amount of storage. Expect to pay around $10-$22usd per battery for 3500mAh cells if they are less than $10 they are also likely to be fake.
My recommended cells are Nitecore nl1835hp which can be purchased directly from its manufacturer here.
Outside of the Nitecore cells look for cells meant to be used in flashlights or vaping equipment, these cells typically have a tab and are internally protected. Just remember if it says 8000mAh it is fake and likely only 1000mAh in capacity.
Another tested 3500mAh cell that is a bit more reasonable in price is this one
Depending on the mods done to your Nomad and the capacity of the cells you install into the pack you may see up to 6+ hours of play from a single charge. Charging is done from a normal Nomad PSU, or any Sega Genesis Model 2 PSU. Charging will depend on the capacity of the cells, but should not take more than 5h to complete. The Nomad system will display low battery when it needs to be charged. You may charge the pack while playing on the system, just plug into the pack and continue playing, this will however take longer to charge the cells as the Nomad will be taking some of the power from the charging. Please note plugging into the Nomad system while powered on will interrupt power and you may lose progress on any game, this is a limitation of the system, instead use the power port on the battery pack if you need extended play. 
If your LCD mod is older and installed on the unregulated side of the Nomad power path you may have issues with the screen turning off after only a small amount of play time while the system is still running. This is due to the screen expecting a higher voltage to run, the only real way to get past this is to do a 5v LCD mod or to replace the LCD with a more modern solution. So far this has only been reported on a single system.
Disclaimer: Laser Bear Industries LLC provides this product with no warranty, improper use could be harmful to the user or the device. Lithium Cells can be dangerous and cause fires if not handled properly. We are not responsible for damage caused by this product if improperly used. The buyer understands these risks and agrees to not hold Laser Bear Industries LLC liable for damage caused.