OMVS Shell for Neo Geo MVS

Top Color: Black
Logo Style: OMVS
Version: Analog
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OMVS Shell (only printed parts)
Update 10/10/2023: The new Digital recover and internal mounting plate are available as part of the kit. 

For the rest of the components to build this you must purchase from Avi

Images are for reference, Laser Bear Industries will not send units with cosmetic flaws. Color may vary in person.

This is a slightly modified version of the design by @avramce
Modifications were done for higher quality prints that need less post processing. In fact they can be used without doing any post processing like sanding and painting.
This does split them into more pieces, but the rigidity of the final part is not lost by these changes.

One shell consists of the following parts
Cart throat
Rear Panel
Bottom (split to two parts assembled by Laser Bear Industries)
Top (split to two parts assembled by Laser Bear Industries)

For more on the OMVS Project you can check out Avi's documentation here: