PS1 MODE + PS1Digital Fan Mount

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PS1 MODE + PS1Digital Fan Mount

This fan mod is highly suggested for users who have both the PS1 Digital and MODE ODE installed. It is not compatible with systems which do not have a MODE installed. This fan helps to address the excess heat generated by both of these products being installed at the same time.

Included with the kit:
1 Nidec F310R 30MM 5v fan
1 Laser Bear Industries Printed Mount
1 Laser Bear Industries power tap for MODE
2 #4 x 5/8" screws.
2 M2x6mm screws
1 JST XH 2.54mm 2 Pin jumper

Installs easily.
unplug the power cable from the MODE and plug it into the power tap, Attach the JST Jumper to the power tap, and connect to the MODE. Install the fan wires into the power tap's quick connect header.
Attach the fan to the fan mount. Unscrew the screw that attaches the spring side of the lid to the case. Then place the mount into the space and reinstall the screw. Carefully close the lid and avoid damaging the wires.

The 3D printed part will be manufactured in black, the photo shows the mount in white for better contrast to show the product.