Replacement Console Feet

Console: 9mm Square (2x) Dreamcast
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These are high quality replacements made from the same type of neoprene rubber the consoles originally used.

We are currently offering them in the following sizes and shapes:

9mm Square 1.5mm thick
2x Required
Sega Dreamcast

4x Required (originals were felt pads, these new ones will be rubber)
Playstation 1

10mm Round 0.75mm thick
2x Required
Nintendo Toploader
AV Famicom
Super Nintendo Mini
GameBoy Player

15mm round 1.5mm thick:
4x Required
Nintendo Entertainment System
Supper Nintendo Entertainment System
Famicom Disk System

18.5mm round 4.5mm thick with access hole
4x Required
NeoGeo AES system

Oval with access hole