Saturn ODE Mounts Fenrir, Phoebe, Rhea

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Version: Fenrir
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Saturn ODE Mounts Fenrir(20 and 21 pin versions), Phoebe, Rhea
The new Fenrir Duo is now supported in the Fenrir Version. 

This follows in line with the mount for the Mode in the Sega Saturn, the install process is very similar, just a bit simpler.
The difference between versions is the SD extender that is included with the kit. The Fenrir kit comes with a MicroSD to SD extension to insert into the Fenrir board. The Phoebe/Rhea comes with a full sized SD to SD extension.

We will assemble the top section and the rest of the kit will be assembled when you install the kit.
Included with the kit is a set of feet to enable the same kit to be installed into the early Model 1 Sega Saturns. The rest of the mount is compatible with all other versions of the Saturn.

When using a Phoebe/Rhea you can press down on the mount to engage the button for disk swap. The kit is designed to flex enough to engage this button without needing a separate button enabling a clean look to the install.

The Finrir mount now supports both versions of the Fenrir. There will be a clip that comes with all mounts that enables support for 21 pin versions.

The adapter is only needed if you have a mount purchased before this update.