Sega Nomad Replacement LCD Mount

Version: Mini Composite Board
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Sega Nomad Replacement LCD Mount

Please note, this mount does not include a screen, or controller board, nor does it include any Sega Nomad parts, the pictures are shown to show off the part in use.

This part replaces the original LCD housing to allow an aftermarket modern LCD. Many Sega Nomad consoles have damaged or nonfunctional screens. The Sega Nomad is a strange console because it has regular AV out making it really easy to use that interface for a replacement screen.

This mount comes in two versions, LCDDRV Mount and Mini Composite Mount. The housing doesn't change between the two versions, just the type of screen controller mount.

The mount is designed to utilize the metal cover from the original screen, its not required, but it does make the system look closer to stock if it is installed.

You will need to supply your own screen and controller, the LCDDRV is one of the best options, but very hard to come by, the composite screens are much easier to get and do look much better than the original screen. You can find the mini composite screen at a wonderful source for all things you need to work on your retro consoles.