Twin Diamond Adapter for Twin Famicom

Option: Fully Assembled
Color: Black
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Twin Famicom Expansion A to NES/SNES Controller Adapter (Also Compatible with AV Famicom)

@jeffqchen Created this fantastic device to enable support for NES and SNES controllers on the Twin Famicom.

This project can be found here:

This comes in three formats

Fully Assembled  

  • Unit is ready to go and needs no additional assembly

Full Parts Kits

  • Resin Printed Front and Back
  • FDM Printed Front Jacket 
  • 2x M2x16mm screws with nuts
  • 9x 89SE-ND pins
  • 28x ED1183-ND Pins
  • PCB

Printed Parts only

  • Resin Printed Front and Back
  • FDM Printed Front Jacket 

Quality Note: We use a resin that is designed for electrical connectors called Tough 2000 from Form Labs, its excellent for these purposes but is prone to showing scratches, and scuffs. This is not considered a defect with the item. We do our best to handle these carefully when assembling or packing, but there is a chance of these kinds of imperfections showing up in your device.