VESA Mountable 9.7" LCD Case

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9.7" LCD Monitor Shell

This product is in production and should ship quickly. There is no limit to orders.
Other versions of this case will become available in the future.

These are shells for the "iPad" LCD to turn them into usable portable monitors.

The VESA Mountable option moves the ports to a part that sticks out the back of the case allowing the cables to be more hidden on the back, this version is more like a traditional monitor.

The CRT Version is oversized to imitate the look of a CRT.
Install Instructions here:

You will need to source a iPad 3/4 LCD and driver board, Currently the only supported driver board for the case is found at the following links, these can be found elsewhere if you look around, the prices fluctuate so if there is a listing that has the same images and is cheaper its most likely the same one most sellers source from the same manufacturer.
Current list of know supported LCDs are found in this chart.

Panel Model Brand Resolution Brightness C/R View Angle
LP097QX1-SPA2 LG Display 2048×1536 80/80/80/80
LP097QX1-SPA1 LG Display 2048×1536 440 800:1 80/80/80/80
LTN097QL01-A01 Samsung 2048×1536
LTN097QL01-A02 Samsung 2048×1536
LTN097QL01-A03 Samsung 2048×1536
LTL097QL01-W01 Samsung 2048×1536 420 1000:1 85/85/85/85
LP097QX1-SPC1 LG Display 2048×1536 440 600:1 89/89/89/89
LP097QX1-SPC2 LG Display 2048×1536 440
HQ097QX1-IPS Other 2048×1536 420 1000:1 85/85/85/85
LQ097L1JY01 Sharp 2048×1536
LQ097L1JY02Z Sharp 2048×1536
LP097QX1-SPC3 LG Display 2048×1536 440
LP097QX1-SPAV LG Display 2048×1536 440 600:1 89/89/89/89
LP097QX1-SPC4 LG Display 2048×1536 440
LTL097QL01-A01 Samsung 2048×1536 420 1000:1 85/85/85/85
LQ097L1JY01A Sharp 2048×1536 440 1000:1 89/89/89/89
LQ097L1JY02A Sharp 2048×1536 440 1000:1 89/89/89/89

Driver and screen

Driver board only

Speaker for advanced installs
or any speaker 16mm x 36mm in size or smaller. They should be be 4ohm 3w or 8ohm 2w max

Power Supply

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